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Business Spotlight: Grand Haven Custom Molding

Grand Haven Custom Molding is a full-service plastic injection molder, producing millions of parts each year for manufacturing industries like - Automotive, Aerospace, Hydroculture, Healthcare, Industrial, Consumer, Electronic and more. Their capabilities allow them to serve customers with a variety of production needs from Specialized Injection Molding, CNC Machining, and Rapid Prototyping for high volume parts manufacturing.

On top of all that, GHCM collaborated with Dreamweaver to design Ninja boards! Ninja boards are the fishing industries foremost utilized fishing planer board. The innovation and design of these side planers are released with a push of a button, which means you lose less fish* vs the old fashion walleye boards which are difficult to get off the line when a fish is on.  

These boards are a “must have” on all salmon and walleye fishing boats. Our team was amazed to find out that these are manufactured and were designed right here in Grand Haven!

Ryan Hendrickson the owner of The Hendrickson Agency, caught the biggest fish this year at the Grand Haven Offshore Challenge using a Ninja board from GHCM. If you are interested in finding out more about GHCM, visit their website.

Team holding Fish

Team 'Fishigan" at the 2023 Grand Haven Offshore Challenge. They caught the biggest fish at the challenge and used a Ninja board below from GHCM.


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